Saturday, March 9, 2013

Riding the Train

Lately, I've gotten tired of bike commuting and have been riding the train more. It's super convenient from my house and fast (well usually), but lately there have been a few concerning issues.

First, there is the fact that train keeps 'experiencing delays'. This usually happens right at rush hour. I think you're supposed to take a bus out of the tunnel and catch the train further south, but the notification service that tells me this arrives via email and as I stand underground waiting for the train, I don't usually get that information until too late. So instead I wait and after 30 minutes or so a train will show up stuffed to the gills. I ride home shoved against all of humanity, or at least the southern half of seattle and all those going to the airport.

And then there are train etiquette issues.

Luggage where my bike should be. Nice square luggage that would fit nicely in a corner and not take over the entire aisle like my bike did!

There is a section on the train for bikes. Well it's for bikes or luggage and the sign specifically states it's first come first served. Well, a couple days ago I get on the train with my bike and a very large man scuttles himself into the space. He saw me and my bike and said, Oh do you want to put your bike here?  I said that would be great, he moves out of the way. As I am about to step with my bike into the space another man gets on the train with some luggage says, actually, I'll just put my luggage here (I kid you not, he says this). He secures his luggage and then looks at me and says did you want to park your bike here? I of course replied. No. I want my bike hanging in the middle of the aisle so that everyone who gets on and off trips on it - asshole. Okay, actually I said. Well I'm okay unless it gets crowded. Which of course it did. Did you notice the part where the sign reads first come first served in the luggage slot and I mentioned I GOT ON THE TRAIN FIRST! Plus, I'm a lady!

Bike in the way and someone's butt.
And you can't really tell from this picture, but my bike was 1/2 way across the aisle so everyone getting on and off tripped over it and I felt terrible. 

Seats?  Yes please, I'll take two!

And then there was this woman. Can you imagine being on a super crowded train, taking up two seats and not even looking up or offering the other seat to someone else!!!! (Mind you I couldn't have sat down because I, of course, had to hold my bike, but I am sure there was someone old and infirm who could have used the seat.)

And finally, the most concerning development of all. 

Water dripping from the ceilings!  This just started this week in the Beacon Hill station. Yes, it has rained a bit this week. But, let's remember that the Beacon Hill station is 160 feet under ground!  This is not a little water accumulating on the roof! All I have to say is that when it goes, I hope I'm not there!

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