Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Bad Hair Month

Sometime early March I decided I hated my hair. It was rare that I could get it to look even remotely decent. The left side was usually semi acceptable, but the right side was hell. It has this annoying cowlicky thing that could not be combated. The entire month all I could think about, dream about, fantasize about was a pony tail. As in, please god, let me put my hair in a pony tail!

 So, when I got my hair done a week or so ago, I had this brilliant idea that I would not get it cut, in order to speed up the ttpt (time to pony tail). Unfortunately, this had the consequence of not only giving me bad hair, but giving me really grown out bad hair! I do not look good.

Today in desperation I managed a teeny tiny baby pony tail. In order to illustrate, I thought I'd google baby pony tail. The picture below tells the tale (tail) perfectly (though I carry none of that movie star swagger)!

This is about the size of my baby pony tail. Also displayed is the amount of hair that does not make it into the PT.

In other news, for some reason when you google baby pony tail you also get the two following pictures. One an example of the pony tail I would love to have, but will never manage and is not even remotely a baby pony tail and the second, well, I can't even begin to explain the second.

Only 3.5 weeks, 24.5 days or 588 hours until my next hair cut!