Monday, August 24, 2009

You know you're addicted to crossfit when


Or this? Is there even a question?

I bought a dress a month or so ago. It’s super cute and while still rather expensive, it was on sale. It fits perfectly and, may I even say, is a little sexy (It looks better on me than the dorky model). But, I have had it a month and haven’t worn it. I know if I keep it, I’ll wear it occasionally, but mostly it will sit in my closet with the other super cute dress clothes I own. Since I’m paying off this house project, I have pretty much decided I just can’t afford it right now.

Then today, I was at crossfit and we were doing back squats. I friend let me borrow her weight lifting shoes. Weight lifting shoes have a slightly raised heel and are very rigid, so all your effort goes directly into helping your lift (when you lifting in running shoes, some of the effort is absorbed by the cushion of the shoes). Squatting in these shoes was pure heaven. I was stronger. I could squat down farther (my biggest issue). I want these shoes.

So, the question I posed to myself on my way to work from crossfit was, if it was between the dress and the weight lifting shoes, which would you want. The answer, without even the slightest hesitation or doubt? The shoes!!! The dress is going back! Oh wait, what happened to not being able to spend the money?

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Will this ever end?

Dressed to impress.

Just a minute to mention that I spoke too soon a couple weeks ago. It turns out the worst of the finishing wasn't done. Sanding sucks! And the worst part is that I hadn't put it on the list so there is nothing to cross off.

Nothing like getting to vacuum your walls!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Your Tax Dollars at Work.

Have space aliens invaded Hood Canal, or is it the government?

Our cabin on Hood Canal was invaded by the government today. The USGA (United States Geological something) is doing some testing on the canal. I wasn't exactly sure why, but five geologists. Or actually I think it was two geologists, one wanna be geologist and two friends of geologists showed up to do some testing. One of the guys was from Denver and one was from Georgia. I wasn't really sure why our little spot on the map - way on the tail end of the canal - was important enough for the government to be flying these folks around the country, buying tax free merchandise in Belfair and testing our waters, but that was the story. They were testing ground water seepage into the canal. And eventually the amount of nitrogren this introduces into the canal. And from there, well, I am sure the knowledge and understanding that can be extrapolated from that information is endless. They were pretty excited anyhow.

Fortunately, for your and my tax dollars. Their gadgets were not exactly high tech. They involved lots of rusty barrels, plastic tubing, plastic bags and various plastic containers. Somehow these devices tested seepage levels. There was much diving and shouting out of letters - 'a open', 'c closed' and so on. It actually provided hours of entertainment!

Official government gadgetry.

An alien walking the canal with his ship (oh, really the very chipper Denver geologist).

Sticking rusted barrels in the mud, this is where I learned how
much better my mom's camera is and how much further it zooms!

And in other Hood Canal news......

The sunset last night was insane.

The geologists did not get to see mom looking lovely in
lavender on lavender on lavender, but she did successfully
sweet talk the cute new next door neighbor into starting
her lawn mower while wearing this ensemble.
I'm surprised he didn't mow the entire lawn and stick around for lemonade!

Otto, as usual, provided no help to the geologists, but he did look insanely cute!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Exciting Updates

Okay, in reality my updates are not exciting at all, BUT I want to pat myself on the back about all the work I have done and make sure all my blog readers don't feel I have forgotten them.

Measly sad little tomato plants....

We'll start with tomatoes. The tomato plants have been very disappointing this year. Rumor on the street is that perhaps I was not fully appreciative of their water needs during this crazy Seattle summer - ie they needed much more than I provided. Who knew the soil was supposed to be damp at all times. Hmmm. Anyhow, I have had a handful of cherry tomatoes - so few that I eat then one at a time as I go out to walk the dog. The 'beefsteak' tomatoes really haven't fared well. I had one that was half rotten before I picked it. And there are two on the plant now that might be ready in a day or two. I would say they are VERY small for beefsteak tomatoes. (Beefsteak my ass....).

DONE! (Well except for a little touch up caulk that needs to be repainted)

Finishing project. Well, I'm still finishing. But there has been progress. Here's the list,

Pretty purple = FINISH FINISHED!

7 windows frames - inside (stained) and out (painted)
2 doors - One stained, one painted
3 door frames - one stained, two painted
interior walls - stained
ceiling - stained
exterior walls - painted/caulked
1 very pretty new bench/chest thing - stained

The words partially colored means I'm partially done. Basically I am all done outside and I think I'm all done with the really hard and annoying parts! You might note in the picture that there is gray on the bottom on the outside, that is dirt - rain seems to equal dust bowl splattered on house!

No more sleeping outside or Sound Transit runs, so no excitement on that front.

And two pieces of new news. First, I think I exploded the electrical system in my car. A bottle of Kombucha tea decided to blow up when I opened it. This has been wreaking havoc on my radio for the last month or so (sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't). Today, the turn signals decided to go as well. Oh, and as of today when I turn the lights on, the radio shuts off. Somehow those seem bad and expensive signs.

And secondly, my friend Dan Smith has had a kick ass poster show at Bumbershoot for the last 3 years. He has applied for a grant through to help pay expenses and would love your vote. You have to register for the Nau site then find his grant and click a few (five) stars to vote for him. It's a little hard to find indiviual grants but if you 'view all' then do 'control F' ('command F' on a mac) and type daniel, he pops right up. Thanks from Dan!

(sorry I am sure there is a way to make the above a hyperlink, but I'm not that smart. )

Finally, still planning on posting North Cascades photos. Stay tuned!!

Monday, August 10, 2009

R is for Run

My worthless blackberry camera doesn't even begin to do this justice.

Imagine, me and the wilderness, no cars no bikes.....
A woman at one with the world - though thank god I had the blackberry.

So I took some flack this year for finally coming out of the closet with my dislike for 5 hour bike rides and my preference for trail running. Every year I go on a bike trip up and over Highway 20 in Washington. It's a beautiful ride and a great challenge. It's all up and down hill. But my body does not like sitting on a bike for 5 hours. And the ride includes crazy descents that most bike riders love, but I dread. This year I decided to try the north cascades run. It was quiet - no cars - and peaceful. There were lots of critters running around and beautiful babbling brooks (yes there still is water in Washington).

I just want to share a couple pictures of how much more beautiful and peaceful it was running rather than riding. All that was missing was my trusted running companion Otto (yes, no Otto pictures!!!!)

BTW, I'll post some more pictures of the weekend in the next couple day.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Adventure #3

Ladder, paint brush, and a tired dog.

My what a week, the adventures do not end. This adventure really involved conquering a fear. I hate heights. They scare the shit out of me. Others around me don't seem to have the same issues. Two immediate examples come to mind:

1. Cleaning the roof on Hood Canal with my mother. My mother is running around with a broom sweeping leaves off the roof as if she were standing on solid, flat ground. I am sitting down cringing in the center of the roof gingerly pushing leaves as far down as a broom stick will allow.

2. At the Grand Canyon my friend and I climbed out to a really big flat rock. My friend had no problem walking to the edge and taking pictures. Me, I could only crawl out then lie down with my head near the edge and the rest of my body solidly planted on the ground. And still I was worried about how I might suddenly fly off.

I seem to have no problem envisioning myself falling large distances to my death.

So this weekend I needed to paint up near the roof. I borrowed a ladder and very carefully hoisted myself time and time again up to the roof line to paint (three coats, both the walls and the trim, six sets total. Though in the middle set I made the rather unorthadox/ill advised decision to go up with two loaded paint brushes, trim and walls, to save time. This only resulted in yellow on the trim once and a big huge splotch of paint on the window once.) And now, with one set left, I am practically an expert. I can now go up to the second to last step without holding onto the walls of my house!!! And without that hit of adrenaline kicking in every time. AND, I didn't die (not yet anyhow). I couldn't take pictures to describe my fear, a video of my getting to the top of the ladder the first few times might have been entertaining. You'll just have to imagine and revel in my conquest.

The animals, of course, were a big help!

Yes, that's me, WAY UP HIGH, taking these pictures.

When I fall, which of these animals will make the news by miraculously calling 911 to save me?

As a special bonus, for those of you who have made it to the very end of the
blog, I thought I'd share the beautiful outfit I don each weekend to do my endless painting/sanding.