Saturday, March 15, 2014


OMG OMG OMG. Somehow after a couple weeks of super nasty weather, too much, very stressful work, and general grouchiness, the world has emerged to spring and sunshine and happiness. I guess it's just proof if you're patient and you plod along one foot in front of the other, you just might get to where you need to be.

Yes folks (particularly you that live in the god forsaken spots), it's spring time. The sunshine is out. The flowers are blooming. And life is looking just a bit brighter. As I mentioned, I had a tough couple weeks at work - too much stress. Too many hours staring at tedious testing details. Not only hours at work, but hours in my sleep as I relived the tedium. So, with the forecast of a couple sunny days and a break in my work load, I told my manager I was taking a couple days off!  And the world has become a new place.

GIVEN THE 65 DEGREE WEATHER!!!!,  I hit the yard!  Ignoring the nightmare laurel hedge and the weeds taking over most of the property, I focused on the easy to fix veggie beds. After a winter of growing cover crops they were ready for some tilling.

Robust cover crops will (hopefully) bring happy veggies.

In a couple months these will be all ready for their crops.
In the meantime, I had some tasty bone broth bubbling on the stove. This extra super duper gelantinous bone broth has since turned into a beyond delicious batch of Silky Gingered Zucchini Soup. (Yes, that is a lot of superlatives. You would have similar enthusiasm if you were at my house eating my soup.)

And the fun didn't stop there, a great workout, an afternoon of shopping (didn't actually buy anything, but fun none the less), some nice dog walks, a delicious dinner and margarita, some productive house projects and many episodes of Dexter. Utter bliss in a change in weather and a couple days off work. Happy springtime everyone!

And, so perhaps you all can share in the joy that is (at least temporarily my world), I will share some animal cuteness.

They too find pure bliss in the sunshine.

Animals + shoes + and legs.

Pretty view from the backside of Beacon Hill.