Thursday, March 14, 2013

FFW, Day 5

What's fun about day 5?  Well, what's not so fun is that my yard waste didn't get picked up for the second week in a row. There is a house being built across the street and it seems that even though the garbage truck can navigate the construction traffic, the yard waste truck cannot. And the city has advised me that unless I can guarantee the construction mess won't be there, they won't come pick up my extra stinky yard/food waste. Hmmmm. Somehow, I have to find the head construction guy and convince him that thursday's are off limits for big huge construction trucks taking up the entire street!

Anyhow, moving on, the real fun fact for today is the Crossfit Open!  So, Crossfit tries to pretend it is 'of the people' and has a set of 5 workouts that anyone can compete in. If you do well enough in the open, you move to the regionals. And then the top 20 men and top 20 women in the world (yes, that is only the top 20 in the entire world) move onto the games. I think they have taken fewer and fewer to the final games every year. Anyhow, on the surface it's all egalitarian, but in reality, it's a huge money making scheme! This year they convinced 130,000 athletes to participate (130,000 athletes - 40 of whom will make it!)! They charge each athlete $20. So, right off the bat, that's $2.6 million. Then you have to have your scores validated by your gym - so that's another $20 for the affiliate to join and be eligible to validate. Then each coach has to pay $10 to learn how to judge. Then the regionals are super expensive for both athletes and spectators.

But, the scam aside, I decided to join this year! The workouts are a little kooky, but there is a good handful of people from my gym doing it, so it's actually pretty fun. Tonight I did the second workout. It was as many rounds as possible of 5 push press (75lbs), 10 deadlifts (75kbs - this is an insanely light deadlift. I have never deadlifted this little in my life, even as a warm up) and 15 box jumps. It was pretty much all cardio. I scored 231. I'll let you know on Sunday how that compares to the other old ladies - but I think I was the second fastest lady at my gym. I didn't do very well in the first workout. It involved snatches and I don't snatch. So there!

Anyhow, crossfit games. Fun fact. What could be more fun!!

Oh, one final CF Games note, if any of you is thinking that maybe I could do well enough to make it to regionals (like I did for about a minute), it turns out that there is no regionals for masters. They only take the top 20 in the world. I will NOT be one of those 20. 

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