Saturday, April 24, 2010

A day in the life, Daisy and Otto.

Can you open the door please, there might be some sun!

Otto spends the spring and summer sunbathing (or today, hoping for sun).

Daisy just dreams of being near her brother!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Finished Ink

Well, you'll probably need to see me in person to get a true sense of my tattoo (it seems to be virtually impossible to photograph), but here is a teaser of my finished tattoo. Just a touch of red, gold and blue!

See I told you it wasn't a dove!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Big Excitement

Those of you that know me well, know that life can be rather tough for me. I'm not always a carefree 'come what may' kind of a gal. I tend to worry about some things and over think others. One thing I find myself frequently considering and then doing nothing to change, is the amount of plastic in my life. Well, not so much the amount of plastic, but the plastic that is touching the food I eat and liquids I drink. From everything I've read, it seems to be a bad idea to have your food, water, etc stored in plastic. When I take the time to consider which of my foods are stored in plastic, I realize it's considerable. After considering it for ages, I finally bought glass bottles for my water. That was a very exciting day, unfortunately not memorialized in a blog. And, for much too long now, I've been considering buying glass storage containers and, even more importantly, glass containers to carry my breakfast and lunch to work.

This, of course, has been going on for years now. I've been spent most time wondering where I might look for them, a small amount of time looking for options, and zero time actually buying. About a month ago I was in whole foods and they had some and I decide 'Yes, it's time'. Then I did WAY too much agonizing over which style I wanted, if they were big enough, if they were too expensive, if the tops fit on tightly enough. I even went as far as putting one in my basket and walking off. Only to return and decide it wasn't the right one. I left with nothing.

So this week I was in whole foods again and guess what, I threw caution to the winds and bought THREE containers! Put them in my cart, walked up to the cash register, paid for them and now I actually own them. It really wasn't that painful.

They are very cool and I feel very sophisticated when I'm eating my lunch out of glass. There are only two issues, they weigh a ton, which is a bit of an issue when riding my bike to work and I'm just waiting to drop one. But, all in all, a very productive week!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Toy

My crossfit coach got a new toy. It's something he has been excited and talking about gleefully for a long time. And if Craig is gleeful about something it's probably time to be scared. It's a sled and we get to pull it - like a dog or a horse. Basically it's a piece of metal with a metal rod attached to it. You load weights on the sled (piece of metal) and run (walk slowly) up and down the street pulling it.

For a visual go here......

As you're visualizing this, keep in mind that, my crossfit gym is in a fairly busy location. It's on a side street, but in the evening there are cars and people and cyclists - lots of them. And when one is lugging large weights up and down the street it draws some attention. Not to mention that fact that you're in the middle of the street and cars are slowing down and going around you.

So, tonight's workout was a 200 m sled pull (40k for the ladies, 90 pounds), followed by 15 weighted sit ups, followed by a 500 m row. OMG, OMG, OMG. I think that's really all you can say about it. I ate too much before I worked out and was a little worried about throwing up most of the time. The sled pull SUCKS! It starts out okay. Our street has a bit of a down hill tilt when you head north. So for the first 100 meters you lull yourself into believing that maybe this round is easier than the last. Then you turn around and try to pull the weight forward and your body is jerked to a complete stop by the 90 pounds of weight that you are now trying to pull UPHILL! By the time you get to the row, all you're really wondering is 'why?'.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Jumpsuit VII, 2010

Okay, the photos you all have been dying for! Jumpsuit 2010 happened on Saturday and a fine time was had by all. Good jumpsuits, good music, good company, how could you go wrong. I'm including photos of my favorite male and female jumpsuits, by coincidence, my favorite male jumpsuiter made the blog a few weeks ago. He was wearing the red jumpsuit in year 5 and his friend was wearing the Mickey Mouse jumpsuit! How 'bout them apples.

Green jumpsuit, green peeps, green glasses!
I'm sure you're green with envy.

Baby's got back.

These are the boys from year 5. I love that one on the right!
(the jumpsuit not the boy)

The best part about this jumpsuit was the roses up the legs. Yes, white Lycra.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pile O' Crap Be Gone!

Pas de pile.

Okay, here we are a mere 7 hours after my last blog. I have lifted 154 pounds 45 times, pushed 60 pounds over my head 75 times, slammed a 20 pound ball into the ground 105 times, grocery shopped at two stores, pet food shopped, walked the dog, watched a movie, cleaned clothes, washed dishes, taken a nap, played multiple games of Word Warp, AND cleaned the pile of crap off the table. And no, I did not just move the crap to a new non home. I put it all where it belongs. The stupid white rings that won't stay up are tenuously attached to the light fixtures, the covers are on the sockets, there are new lights in the bulbs and handles on the windows.

Phew, that must be enough for one day!

Oh, wait, and let's not forget, that's TWO (yes two) blogs in one day!

Oh, Oh, batteries recycled too!!!

Stupid cheap (but too expensive) white pieces of plastic
that are poorly designed and won't stay in place BUT are no longer on my desk!

Socket covers and windows with handles!

My Goal for the Weekend

Pile O' Crap

I'm not sure if it is a universal failing of human kind or simply a failure in me, but I have a tendency not to see things if they have been sitting around in my life - house, desk at work, yard, etc - for long periods of time. These could be things that are no where near any permanent resting place they should have, but when they sit for too long, in my mind they are home. So I was sitting at my desk this morning and noticed the pile (see picture). This pile has been sitting ON my desk IN the kitchen since the construction guys left last August. They include the thingies that go around my lights in the 'new' back room, the light bulbs that are special and meant for those lights, the light switch covers I took off when I started finishing the back room, the handles for the windows, batteries that I can't throw in the garbage so I need to take somewhere (already taped at the ends and ready to go), some weird incense thing I got for Christmas, and a few random pieces of crap. Most of these things were/are waiting for me to finish the finish work on the porch so they can go home.

Well, I decided that by the end of the weekend, they are all going home! Stay tuned for the follow up picture.

(By the way, that's the picture of the right side of the desk, the left side of the desk has some (more recent) unresolved issues as well maybe we'll get to that too!)