Monday, March 11, 2013

FFW, Day 2

This is, of course, fun fact week!!  And what fun fact are you going to learn about me today? I thought we'd talk home repair.

I have been thinking about redoing my kitchen for some time now. In my mind redoing is 'merely' new cabinets and counter tops. Easy right. Well, yesterday for the first time I sat down and thought out what that entails. Specifically, how many decisions are involved in getting new counter tops and cabinets.

And let me tell you, it is a ridiculous number of decisions. New cabinets - finished wood or painted? old cabinets with new doors? what features do these cabinets need? what types of knobs? what type of counter top? what type of sink? faucet? lights? tile? Good lord the list is endless!

Now, as far as I can tell, every female on this planet loves to spend long hours searching for home repair/decor ideas on the internet then lovingly posting them on Pinterest. This female takes bits and pieces of each look for future home design. They will pick and chose from their plethora of ideas and design the perfect kitchen that is both functional and perfectly matches the style of their always perfectly clean and organized house.

So here's your fun fact. I have zero patience for any of it!  I look at pictures and think, oh, that's cool. But can never even imagine what to chose to get there or how it might look in my house. I don't pick up tips and ideas. I don't want to search every option and bargain hunt. I don't want to toodle through vintage shops finding the perfect knick knack. I want to decide to have a new kitchen and just have it be done!

Sigh, I guess when you have these issues you just hire someone!

My pinterest perusal/kitchen research lasted exactly 3 pictures. Including this one - not because I have room for a "kitchen cabinet vegetable pantry", but because I'm sick of having sweet potatoes spilling off my counter!  Help!!

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Anonymous said...

Try corny as that sounds. Their cabinets are pretty inexpensive and the installation isn't too bad either. Will they last 100-years? Probably not.