Tuesday, March 12, 2013

FFW, Day 3!!

So I am interrupting the very final episode of the bachelor, putting Sean's quest for true love on hold BECAUSE (drum roll please), I just got a text from an impatient fan wanting to know today's fun fact! And how can I resist the demands of my fabulous followers! Sorry Sean, your true love will just have to wait another few minutes.

And now, for the fun fact unveiling. Actually, I've been thinking about this for a few hours. Things were a bit touch and go for a while. My afternoon at work sucked and I was wondering how I was supposed to scrape a fun fact out of the day at all. But then it happened.....

I took Otto for a walk. It's grey and blustery and rainy and wintery looking outside. I wasn't expecting much. In fact it was one of those nights where not having a dog feels like a good option. But guess what, just beginning to peak out of the grey is SPRING!  Yes, fun fact of the day, spring is here. Sure it's grey. But it's warm (I only wore one down coat and took my gloves off early into the walk) and there are flowers!  Lots and lots of flowers.

So, any of your hiding inside grouchy about winter, get off your butt and enjoy spring!  (Those of you in Chicago can disregard this public service announcement and stay inside another couple months!)

Here's some proof!




Yes, the wind and rain are making a few of these young flowers a little droopy!

But they are ready to fight for spring we should too!


Anonymous said...

At least one of your Chicago devoted and addicted readers bought daffodils at the grocery story this week and they have been in full bloom and gorgeous for 4 days now. I love Fun Fact Week! Keep up the good work. I, who did in fact watch the end of Bachelor and (dare I admit it) The Day After or whatever it was called--Waaaayyyy too much Bachelor watching--am so glad that my dear daughter is blogging thoughtful and inspiring words instead of merely watching TV. xoxo, your mom

Anonymous said...

Logging in from Chicago, I can say that this spring thing is not a thing here. It is light when I leave work and birds do chirp. But plant life? Only indoor mold.

I love "The Day After," in truth a post-apocalyptic nuclear war movie from the '80's, as an alternate title to "After the Final Rose." Or ATFR for devoted rose lovers. Mom, c'mon, we scored one for the home team with a Seattle woman with zero time for the bimbo aesthetic "winning."

Anyway, back to rcarlsini, bring the fun facts! -- sc