Wednesday, March 13, 2013

FFW, Day 4

AKA Hump Day!  Phew, the week is flying by. How did this happen?

And more importantly, what's the fun fact of the day???


By some miracle and completely out of the blue, my manager called a meeting last week and announced we all get an extra week of vacation! The area I work in recently merged with IT and it seems that IT has always gotten a week more than the rest of the company. And now we get to join suit!  Whoop. The funny thing is that I already got a lot of vacation. I accrue so much that I am always in danger of hitting my cap (at a certain point you stop accruing).  And now I'll accrue even more (I now get 5 weeks per year!). 

In honor of the event, I'm taking today off!  

Another fun fact (yes, two for one). Every time I think or see the word vacation spelled out (as above), a certain comercial pops into my brain. It was a comercial on channel 11 (the rerun channel where one would watch old episodes of hogan's heros or the brady bunch). It was one of those commercials for the ubiquitous records compilations from the 70s. Anyhow one of the commercials started out with the line 'v-a-c-a-t-i-o-n in the summer sun'. Now, probably none of you find this interesting, and I don't really either. What I do find fascinating is what is says about the workings of the brain. Let's pretend I watched this commercial in 1978, 35 years ago. That means 35 years later this memory is saved in my brain and pops up every time I see vacation spelled out in individual letters and my brain starts singing the song. And it gets even better, I can tell you that the next song on the commercial was 'never never on a sunday'.  Anyhow, I find that fascinating, but for those who don't. I'll share some pictures of where I'm going/went today on my vacation!

To the beach!!

Daisy and I hit Yosemite!

Ah oui, C'est gaie Paris.
I think maybe this is when I went to the moon! 
And finally, I'm hitting the roller coaster!!

Happy vacation day!

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