Thursday, February 28, 2013

Fashion Forward

I swear it's only been a month or two since I've made it into a retail clothing store, but holy crap, what happened! Somehow styles went from 'meh' to include the 'god awful', 'atrocious', and 'wouldn't be caught dead in' categories!

Let's take a little tour of a few choice items from a very popular, reputable and fashion forward shopping establishment.

Yes, light blue denim is back!  I don't really think any of us missed it. Can I mention it's a. February and b. 45 degrees and raining!  When might I wear this?

The picture does not do these justice, silver metallic leggings paired with camo!  Now I might admit that paired properly, either of these items MIGHT be acceptable. But maybe not together.

But, I've saved the best for last, let's move on.

Yes, khaki, camoflauge, fringed, short shorts WITH metallic studs. None of those five adjectives should exist in any modern clothing item (well, maybe the khaki). All five together and I'm speechless. Did I mention 45 and raining.

But, don't dispare. When you buy your khaki, camoflauge, fringed, short shorts with metallic studs and are wondering what on earth you'll wear on your feet?  You'll be happy to find either of these beauties ON SALE!!!!

And finally, lest you think perhaps I'm just an old fuddy duddy with zero fashion sense, let me assure you, I am cutting edge!

Taken with the photo booth 'love struck' effect, 'cause I'm in love!
Yes, I got these amber colored beauties today and I'M SO EXCITED. They block blue light! It seems the iphone, ipad, computer and even regular lights are spewing huge amounts of blue light.  Blue light close to bed time blocks the body's production of melatonin reeking havoc on one's sleep!!! So, rest assured, if you stop by my house after 8 pm you'll be treated to me wearing these beauties and you'll be jealous. (And then I'll sleep like a baby and you'll be doubly jealous!

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Mash Up

Not much going on here, so I thought I'd do a little mash up of the week. Well, I guess what is really going on here is Downton Abbey. I figured out I can watch the current season on so I've been overdosing. I'm thinking it's not as good as the first two seasons, but I do love the dowager countess Violet. I love the fact that she is called a dowager countess. And I love everything that comes out of her mouth, she is so polite, while being so very rude and straight to the point all at once. I want to be just like her when I grow up! Maybe I'll start calling myself a dowager countess.

Oh, Hello!!?
In other news, look at the excitement occurring right across the street!  Fireworks!!  Well, actually it was someone sawing metal rods. I'm getting a new neighbor. But first they are building the house.

Fortunately, the house is being built on the east end of the property, so I will get to have trees across the street from me and not a new house! I am sure they will be extremely nice and perfect neighbors. Currently, all they have contributed to the hood are a lot of trucks and an excess amount of dirt.

This other excitement this week????

Somehow I developed the MOST UNFORTUNATE cut on the end of my nose (it looks worse in real life). I have no idea how or why this showed up, but I can't say it did much for my week. I spent most of the week wanting to place a paper bag over my head and worried that people were staring at me. 

What a week. What else? 

See, it just gets better and better. Plumbing.  My kitchen faucet keeps dripping! After an hour or two, only one trip to the hardware store and lots of swearing, I think it's better. But I have also managed to strip the screw holding the handle on, so that's a bit wonky at the moment and may never come off again. I do realize that something like this should make me all warm and fuzzy with a feeling of self reliance and achievement. But instead, I just feel frustration. I will spent the next six months waiting for the drip drip drip to start again, because I'm sure I did it wrong. Plumbing - like car repair - is something I never should, nor do I want to do.

And finally, there was some good news!  The sun came out!

And although Otto was bummed because I am not letting him outside (he keeps jumping the fence in the back yard), we all got to cuddle on the window sill and pretend it was warm!

Onto next week and more excitement..............

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Day Off

I love taking days off in the middle of the week. In fact, I think it would be just about perfect to work four days per week and take every Wednesday off. Fortunately, since I have worked at my company forever, I have lots and lots of vacation time. And, since my company stops giving me more vacation after I reach a certain limit, sometimes I take days off just because.

Today was just because!

And not much has happened. There has been some (very small amount of) house cleaning. Cooking. Bad television show watching. I went to the grocery store, which was only even remotely interesting because I forgot my wallet and had to go home and go back. What else, oh, I let Otto out in the back yard and he decided to escape, so that was fun.....

Well, as you can see, the point is not that I have done anything productive. Nor have I done anything that has expanded or improved me as a person. The point is that I got to spend a day just doing whatever. And that's pretty awesome!

(Oh, and I went to the gym and we did Cindy (as many rounds as possible in 20 minutes of 5 pull ups, 10 push ups, and 15 squats) and I got 16 rounds plus 5 extra pull ups doing it as proscribed (full pull ups and push ups)!  Which is pretty awesome for an old lady!

I tried to get the animals to help take some celebratory pictures. They weren't nearly as ready and willing to celebrate as I was (please excuse the hair, I actually just got it done and it looks quite cute, but this was post workout/post nap and not at its best!).

Daisy was almost willing to celebrate!

Otto was really not willing to celebrate, especially since celebration meant trying to get him on my lap.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Just what I was looking for...... how did you know?

I don't think it would be much of an exaggeration to say that EVERY time I step foot in a drug store I see something that blows my mind a bit. It is amazing the things that are packaged and delivered to Americans for consumption. A few months ago, I actually took an entire set of pictures at a drug store that had high hopes of turning into a blog. Alas, that was another brilliant blog that formed in my brain but never made it onto the page.....

Anyhow moving onto today's gem.......  Can you guess???

(No, I am not making this shit up, how could you. These were hanging out at the front, right by the register, ready to be someone's next impulse buy.)

Did you guys guess?  PICKLES! Not only pickles, but one portly pickle named 'big papa' and one sassy pickle named ' hot mama'.  Just hanging out. Brined. In their little bags. Waiting for what?  One to crave pickles so badly that you scoop it up as you're buying your prescription drugs, crappy candy and toiletries?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Au Currant

It i s so very hard these days to stay abreast of current trends. Technology is changing so quickly that even if one was interested in staying up on the newest and latest (which I'm not), who has the time, energy or money.

And really, for those of us who are Apple snobs, Apple is no help at all. When the latest product become obsolete six months after you purchase it (my Ipad), well, one is likely to just become downright grouchy.

But today, I am happy to announce that after a year of trying and a weekend of matching, merging,  upgrading, and LOTS OF CURSING I am as up to date as I can be!  (Well, there is still the issue of the Ipad that become old six months after I bought it, but we'll ignore for now.)  I finally have a new computer. This I have been trying to purchase for TWO YEARS NOW! I will save you all the very boring details of my two year attempts to buy a computer. Suffice it to say that my old computer had gotten so very slow that it was essentially unusable. The new one is fast and pretty and all the pictures are crisp and clear. Though I will mention that it does NOT have a disc player nor does it have a 10 key, both of which are not things that should go away yet!!!!

And, although I am sure the computer will become obsolete in another week or two, but I'm going to enjoy while I can!

Anyhow, this blog is a little dull, but I'm sure you all were sick of looking at the sauerkraut, I know I was. I wanted to make sure you knew we are all alive and well .....

Okay, actually, we're all a little bored here (hence the lack of blogs), off to vacuum.