Saturday, February 8, 2014

Stocking Up?

Or crazy hoarder lady?

When I hang out at my mom's house or our cabin, I always giggle at the amount of back stock she has. Toothpaste, dish soap, deodorant, mascara you name it. She's got extras. I don't think she did this when she was younger, but now she's always ready. And, yes, it's awesome to always have a backup, but I still think it's kind of funny.

But  now that I am old too, I seem to have the same problem. I have found in the last couple years that rather than my old habit of trying to remember to restock when I'm about 3/4th of the way out of something, I now like to have a spare when I start a new bottle, jar, tube of whatever. It's good. Very relaxing for us old folks.

However, I just looked in my new pantry and noticed a quite alarming array of goods! When certain things are on sale - expensive stuff like coconut oil or olive oil - I'll pick up an extra bottle or two to save money.  That's good common sense really, but, hum, potentially I have gone over board. How far away is wearing only lavender?????

Coconut oil! The coop keeps having $5 off!!!! How is a person to resist.

I knew I was buying extra olive oil (again on sale) I didn't realize I had 5

I use very little vinegar.
Well, when the armageddon hits and people are looking for fat, I can probably sell it at top dollar!

In other news, or to continue on the crazy lady trend, I think people were devastated last week when I blogged but didn't include Otto and Daisy pictures. As you reevaluate my sanity, I will leave you with a couple pictures from the last week.

Daisy in her very favorite new place to sleep - heat vent! (I put the towel down because I felt badly.)

Otto was so excited about the Super Bowl win (and the resulting fireworks) that he spent the night in the closet. 

Sunday, February 2, 2014

The best thing ever!

Okay, I am going to come out of blogging hiatus to blog about........ The Superbowl!!!

Okay, no, but this is almost as interesting. I am going to blog about THE BEST THING EVER INVENTED! 

What am I talking about? The immersion blender, of course!  Holy crap, how have I lived to my extremely advanced age and not known about this. December is when I first learned about this wonder - from Michelle Tam's (nomnompaleo) amazing cook book. She suggested it for making mayonnaise. Now, I have blogged before about making mayonnaise (Happy Homemaker ). It is extra tasty. But it's a pain in the ass. If you reread the blog, you'll note the word 'patience' and a very sad story about an egg rolling to the floor. In fact, I rarely make this homemade deliciousness because it was such a pain. Slow drizzle (five minutes). Ingredients at room temperature (who can remember that?). Sometimes works. Sometimes heart break.

But, hello immersion blender.

With the immersion blender you throw the ingredients in a cup stick in the immersion blend and BOOM seconds later it's beautiful. You cannot understand the significance of this unless you have made it both ways. Words cannot describe the splendor. In fact, I suggest you make it the original way then try with the immersion blender just so you can fully understand the sheer genius of this invention.

IB Mayo
Which brings me to use number two, soup.  So perhaps many of you know the deal with blended soup. It's all fun and games at first. You chop some veggies. You cook some onion. You simmer something tasty (squash etc) in broth. And then the shit hits the fan, or more specifically, the blender. You then have to take piping hot chunky liquid and spoon it into a blender. You have to NOT fill the blender too full (or soup will cover your kitchen, usually bright orange or green soup). You have to dirty another container, because the soup never fits in one blender load, instead you have to blend in batches. Then when all that is done, you have to take apart the blender and wash it.

But, hello immersion blender!

With the immersion blender you stick your blender into the pot and hold a button. Minutes later your beautiful soup is fully blended in your original pot!

IB Soup
And cleaning the immersion blender is as easy as using it!

I'm pretty sure cuisinart should give me royalties because I've already sold a bunch of these (let me mention right here that cuisinart doesn't give me a dime, and nomnompaleo didn't give me a dime either!  I need to start getting some sponsorship!)
Nomnompaleo - at a book signing AT MY GYM! (buy her cook book)
Anyhow, I would be remiss if I ended this without saying GO SEAHAWKS!!!  Seattle is all a twitter at the moment.  Game time in 71 minutes!

A few pictures to take us out.

My work was full of green and blue sugar on Friday.

AND Richard Sherman was in the elevator!