Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby It's Cold Outside!

OMG a blog about the weather, zzz...zzz...zzz. Possibly all of you but my mother should just switch the station right now!

Seattle has been abnormally cold the last week or so, but I've been surprised at how well we (the we in this house, the rest of seattle is bitching and and moaning and whining) have held up! I mean, I will be ready for it to warm up a bit, but I have not been as cold as I expected to be, let's look.

Dog Walks: Yes, I am out twice a day no matter how cold. In fact, it's been so bright and sunny that Otto can't believe it's not warm out and asks to go out more then usual. But, I seem to have the dog walk outfit nailed!  Typically the outfit involves at least 3 base layers (long sleeve shirt, warm workout type long sleeve layer, sweatshirt or sweater). Then I put on a light weight down coat, then a second extra puffy, extra old, very dirty, held together with duck tape (literally) down coat. The down on down puffy look is not only extra fashionable (the michelin man look is fashionable, right?) but cosy. This is all topped off with the piece de resistance.........

Faux fur, faux leather but not faux cosy!
Hanging at home: To all the naysayers, yes, I have the heat on, but my house is 105 years old! It doesn't hold the heat as well as it might. The kitchen is best. Fuzzy socks and the lightweight down coat are key. Gloves and hats don't seem to be necessary! (Note the three base layer/lightweight down coat combo does not leave my body unless I have to do something social. Occasionally, the bottom two base layers get changed!)

Sleeping: Talk about having it nailed, I have the perfect sleep coccoon - sheet, 3 blankets, lightweight down blanket, topped off with (again piece de resistance and key to the whole thing) down sleeping bag!  With this configuration, I can start the night with t-shirt and no socks! (I hate hate hate having things on my legs at night, when I start off with socks and pajamas, I don't sleep well).  Unfortunately, the house itself isn't doing so well. The heat comes on continually all night long which isn't doing much for my sleep.

Daisy: The morning after the first cold night, I had my bedroom doors closed (I can't leave the bedroom open when I'm at work because Otto will wreak havoc in there). Daisy stood outside my bedroom door yowling and yowling (usually she just curls up on the couch). So, I pulled the sleeping bag out of the bedroom, wrapped her in it on the couch  - she hadn't moved when I got home.

Daisy loves her sleeping bag.
Otto: Otto could care less. He walks outside with bare feet and no coat. He hangs out in the yard. He sleeps in the living room (even though he's invited to share the sleeping bag with me and Daisy). And the car, there have been a couple times I have had to leave him in the car for an hour or so. And I've felt super guilty. I've been leaving the puffy down coat for him to curl up in, but he never uses it!  And, in addition to all this, he's shedding. For real, he just started shedding a ton!

Otto sunbathing yesterday, 25 degrees, (I couldn't even go outside to take the picture).
But now we have the big challenge........

Bike Ride: I rode my bike to work monday and tuesday last week, but that was before it dropped below freezing. Since then I have happily taken the train. However, tomorrow if I want to go to the gym in the morning, I have to ride. I think I'm okay for clothes, but my hands GET SO COLD that it is insanely painful. But, I have seen pictures of my cyclocross friends riding in zero degree weather all weekend, so I don't want to be a wimp. I just dug this up, it's been in my house for years. I've got my fingers crossed that it makes the ride bearable.....

If it doesn't work, maybe I can try this!

Happy Winter Everyone stay warm!