Sunday, March 31, 2013

Bad Genes

One of my mom's favorite sayings is 'in my next life'. When we were kids, it was frequently something like, 'in my next life I will have kids who (insert the appropriate perfectly behaved kid behavior here)'. Well, in MY next life, I will learn how to throw things out!  This is a skill I have certainly not mastered in this life. I know, all you clean organized people say 'just throw it out'. It's not so easy, I'm not programmed to do that. What if I need it.........

In preparation of my kitchen remodel, I decided to do a little cupboard cleaning. Let's take a gander at some of the things I found (mind you, these are only the things I  wasn't too embarrassed to photograph)!

WTF!  How many (if any) plastic utensils does one need. 
 The above have not yet made it in the garbage, because you never know when you might need a plastic knife or two.  Of course, it may be a long time before I need 14 plastic knives. They are sitting beside me as I contemplate their future. I know you are saying THROW THEM OUT!

When was the last time I ate regular sugar?
 One of the three of these made it into the garbage. The two unopened boxes are back in the cupboard.

 These spices were a present that came with some indian recipes. Some were empty containers (because you know I might need a cute tiny rusty tin container one day). The others are filled with spices that I'm sure some day I will learn how to use.

Once I sprouted things, maybe I will again some day.

You never know when you need a tie thingy or a tiny plastic bag!
 These made it into the trash today!  Phew!!!

I blame my inability to throw out rubber bands, even impractical ones, on my mom!

All this and I haven't made it to the junk drawer yet. Maybe that can be it's own very special blog.

In more cheerful news after a full day of sun worshipping yesterday, today Otto was out bright and early to find the little corner of sun hitting the back yard.  Happy spring!

There is sun out here!

I will run from your camera! (Missed the super cute shot of her and Otto!)

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Anonymous said...

"In my next life, my darling daughter will appreciate how useful rubber bands truly are. I have even been known to bring a supply from Chicago out to Hood Canal, because you just never know..... Happy Easter