Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year

Ah, I love the new year. It means, well for one thing, that pesky Christmas season it over. And it also feels like such a fresh start. Everything feels so new and possible in the new year. I'm not big on resolutions, but there is always lurking in the back of my head the thought that things will be better in the coming year. Maybe, I'll be a more tolerant and cheerful person. Maybe I'll date a man who actually wants to commit to a relationship. Maybe my job will shift to include only the fun stuff and the tedious boring stuff will go away. Maybe I'll be able to do a muscle up in crossfit. I do realize that usually the new year turns out to be exactly like the old year (it is only a day different), but there is always that glimmer of possibility. I always get excited for the new year to start. The hope never dies.

I do have a New Year blog goal. Actually it's not so much a goal, but a test. I want to try and blog every day for the month of January, just to see what I come up with. Maybe it will be like that person you see every day and you have so much to say to them. I will have so much to blog if I'm just in the pattern. The next couple days will be blogging from the windy city!!

Happy New Year everyone, may all your glimmers come true.

Love, Otto, Daisy and Roberta

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