Saturday, December 20, 2008

Going free style

I have nothing much to post except to say that I have serious cabin fever. We have lots and lots of snow on the ground and for some reason I didn't think to park one of the cars up on the top of my hill, giving me at least the option of at least thinking about driving somewhere, anywhere. However, I am about to head out to a party and I am so excited. (I actually had two parties tonight, but one is too far away given that it's snowing again.) Can I mention that it is very hard to look beautiful and sexy when one has to gear up for 20 degree weather and snow. Hats are hair killers!

In other exciting news. So, there is a serious facebook phenomena taking place at the moment. Everyone seems to be posting pictures of days gone by, high school, college, scary grunge photos. It's seems to be a growing trend. One person called it scanner wars. It's not just one group, cycling friend, high school friends, other people's high school friends, 90s grunge friends. Everybody is doing it.

And I'd have to say it's bringing back all kinds of memories. The current one is Steve Van Liew. He was the heartthrob of 5th grade. He was the one you couldn't really have a crush on, because everyone did and you just knew you were way too dorky for him to even look your way. His hair feathered perfectly and he always had that really cool goody comb in the back pocket of his wide legged saturday's star jeans. I just saw a picture of him on face book, he's a singer in a band which seems about perfect. My brother has been going crazy with the scanner. I might upload a few pictures here for you all to enjoy. But that will be something to wait for until another day, it is going to take some focus. Of which I have none at the moment.

Oh, and happy birthday Luca Erbeck. Congrats on picking such great parents and a pretty cool brother.

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