Friday, January 2, 2009

Letting my peeps down

So I know there was uproarious excitment at the promise that I was going to be blogging daily for the month of January, but it's not going to happen for another week or so. I got to Chicago yesterday (after a brain numbing 8 hours on a plane and in the airport). And I find it's just too hard to concentrate here. There are people around. At home I blog in my little house with my dog and cat sitting beside me. It's quiet. Here there is just too much going on to have much focus. So, I am starting my daily blog 1/6. And I am sure it will be that much better for the anticipation.

By the way, to those who know the Erbecks, I met the new Mr. Luca the other day. He's just about the cutest thing ever! Second, of course to True, who is super cool because he is talking all the time now. And while we're on kids, I should probably give a shout out to my stepbrother's kid Mar. She's True's age and pretty cool herself, except that she mostly talks in Spanish, so she's a little harder to engage in conversation than True.

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Jen said...

how's chicago? give my love to your family. xo jen