Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Seattlelites and snow

We had a snow storm in Seattle today. It was a pretty big deal. I'd say probably 50% of the corporate work force for my company did not show up for work today or 'worked' from home. One of my employees was three hours late because he had to take him 80 year old mother to the doctor because she was too scared to drive. I had a meeting and a training class canceled because attendance was going to be so low. All the buses had chains on them and were running a little late. Seattle public schools started out this morning on a two hour late schedule, but then ended up not opening at all because the snow was so bad. It was all anyone talked about the entire day - bus drivers, people on the street, NPR, co workers, friends. No one had any other topics.

Me, I spent the entire day obsessively checking the weather, wondering if I was going to be able to make it to crossfit or if I should just save myself the stress of driving in the inclement weather and just work out at home. Up until 6.30 (when I actually left my house) I was still checking the weather on about 4 different sites. It was quite a day.

Of course, there has not been one single snow flake in the city of Seattle the entire day.

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