Monday, December 22, 2008

Early morning laugh

Thought i should add the original Monkey Boy.

Not quite sure what Megan was??

I just think this is the best picture ever!

Okay, I'm supposed to be hauling my tired ass to work (yes that would be walking, probably 10 inches of snow on Beacon Hill at this point, buses and driving are a thing of my past). Anyhow, I just saw these photos and just had to post them. This was Halloween some year. I was Monkey Boy . Monkey Boy is a character Eben created for the Snowboard connection. It's a monkey riding a snow board with boxers on his head, carrying a cup of coffee and something else in his other hand. I think it was my favorite costume ever! Oh, I know, there was a cowboy hat in his other hand.

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Anonymous said...

What better way to try out a comment than to comment on Monkey Boy, that hard-driving, hard-drinking scoundrel invented by your brother. You look just like him (Monkey Boy, that is, not Eben).