Friday, December 26, 2008

Walking in a Winter Wonderland

So I thought I would give those non Seattlelites (or post Seattlelites) a quick glimpse of what it is currently like to walk in Seattle. I am still unable to extricate the car, so I have been walking everywhere. It wasn't so bad when the snow was new and crisp and sticky, but now that it is melting things are getting messy. One walks very gingerly on the once packed snow, now solid ice that is the sidewalk. Only to get to an intersection and encounter six inches deep slush and water. If you're really lucky, a snow plow will have passed by leaving huge ridges of snow in the middle of the road. And, if you're really really lucky you'll be at a corner in which the snow plow has decided to deposit an entire mountain of snow, making it impossible to actually walk from the road to the sidewalk.

And of course there is walking with Otto, who thinks the only thing more exciting than smells emerging from a week of snow, is the three weeks of garbage sitting on the curbs.

Slush, water, slushy water, and a dog ear.

More intersection action.

Ridges of snow mid-street, try crossing there.

Mountains of snow on the corner, yes there is a sidewalk on the other side of that mountain.

Obligatory Otto shot.

Not sure when garbage pick up is happening, snow last week, Christmas this week, New Year next week......?

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Anonymous said...

Your mountains of snow and ice, plus the huge puddles of slush/water/ice/snow at the street corners look all too familiar. I don't think Chicago has mid-street mountains, however, at least not that I have seen.