Sunday, June 30, 2013

Sweet Smelling, An Internet Miracle

I'd like to say this is another of my happy paleo homemaker blogs. Unfortunately, I think this particular topic  might be drifting dangerously close to super duper hippy territory.  I am not currently wearing birkenstocks or patchouli (in fact you'll be happy to hear I could not even spell patchouli without looking it up). But, it takes a village. If you ever notice a whiff of patchouli or see me in some very unfortunate shoes - Birkenstocks or (heaven forbid) Vibrams - please hold an intervention!

In short, if my lower quarter ever looks like this and standing near me makes you want to plug your nose, call in the troops - STAT!

Anyhoo, I am way off topic. What I want to talk about are natural ways to stop stink - or stink and the wonders of baking soda!

This started with a desire to resurrect a couple shirts. I have a few workout shirts that I love. They are cotton/poly blend, super cute and permanently stinky. I worked out in them for about 6 months (NO, not straight and not unwashed) and it was like sweat became embedded in the fibers. I would put them on clean and before even doing anything I had to take them off because I couldn't handle the smell. So I did a little google research and people suggested baking soda. So, three shirts, a pan full of baking soda and water,  24 hours and one load of wash later I was ready to test the miracle that is the internet. YES!!!  After a day of wearing the shirt in 80+ weather, still sweet smelling!

But, it gets worse, we haven't gotten to the hippy territory yet. For years I have used deodorant from the co-op (so as to remain alzheimer free). I have tried a few different brands of natural deodorants and frankly most of them suck!  There is only one brand I have found that consistently keeps me pretty fresh. Well, my co-op stopped carrying that brand!  ACK!  So, I what did I do?  I went to the internet. It turns out you can make deodorant. And not only that, but you can make it out of things I already have in my house!!!!!!!!

Coconut oil
Baking soda
Tapioca starch (the recipe actually called for corn starch, but I had tapioca)
lavender oil

that's it. And the internet raved about it.

So, this morning I whipped it all together. Put it in a old deodorant container and put it in the fridge (so the coconut oil would harden) and tried it out. AND........

5 hours, 90 degrees, painting, dog walk, changing bike tires + coconut oil deodorant + ex stinky shirt = SWEET SMELLING.

Looks just like the real thing.
I kid you not. It's an internet miracle.

(And I promise, I'm not just saying this because it's me in my own body. I know when I stink!)


To Blog or Not to Blog said...

Update, date 2 and a workout later (in an ex stinky shirt). I still love both my new shirt washing method AND my new deodorant. I smell like a pretty flower.

hvk said...

you are funny, Roberta!
but seriously, I hope to try these ideas out for myself sometime!