Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Okay kids, I know you have all been on the edges of your collective seats for weeks now, I certainly have been. It is finally time for the great unveiling!  I'm going to do a little before and after action. I am sure there is some way to put pictures side by side, but I'm not that smart.

After + Daisy butt! My goal is to stay counter clutter free!


Sucky after picture.

Before + MB Orchid.

Art shot + Otto

Pre hole.
Post hole- so nice to be able to walk directly to the back room.
Old desk
 And a few of my favorite features..

Pantry, I love my pantry!

I haven't used this, but I know I'm going to love it. A compost bin built into my counter. 

Faucet. I love the look of my faucet. It has bit of a flaw (it's held on by a magnet and keeps falling off). Looks pretty though!

Otto is always my favorite feature!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Beautiful! Love the cabinets and pulls and am so jealous of the kichen waste feature. What are the counters made of? Congrats and happy cooking!

hvk said...

it all looks SO great! the new double door to your back room is such a game changer! I want to see it all in person!

erbeck family said...

roberta, i'm so happy for you! looks awesome!