Saturday, June 1, 2013

Day ?

Okay everyone with me, deep breath in, slow breath out. Repeat deep breath in, slow breath out. Wow, I had no idea how much this kitchen project was going to overload my poor brain. Yes, I know people have real problems - sickness, natural disaster, crimes etc. I know this is a temporary issue that will end in a cool new kitchen, but holy crap, I think I didn't prepare myself for the impact this would have.

Anyhow, enough whine. I'm sure you all want pictures. Actually, maybe you all want me to find something to blog about besides my kitchen.  Unfortunately for that no more kitchen group, at this moment there is nothing else in my life. The kitchen is all!

What is wrong with this picture? Right. No counters. I hear they are on back order for 10 days. Cabinets look good though!

More cabinets and my new silverware holder. My new silverware holder cannot be placed in a drawer because my drawers do not yet have pulls! Oh, and hood for stove doesn't work. Out of the box broken. Hmmmmm...

Wait, when is she going to stop complaining!  New sink is cool. New faucet even cooler! At some point I will have a compost bin built into the counter which will be the coolest. Right now I have a nasty saucepan doing compost duty (Otto recently tore open and broke the bin I used for compost).

New desk. New desk is cool but a little bitter sweet, as I loved the old desk. But pretty none the less!! It's possible I hate the new wall color. Some times of day it's good. Sometimes it's really bad mint.

Refrigerator in its new home. It will have a paneled door and then it will be much easier to open!

New doors and daisy!

I have many ridiculously small cabinets and drawers. Including one which came with it's own note. It is legal here now kids!

Otherwise, this weekend is for cleaning, and we all know how good I am at that!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Kitchen is really taking shape. Everything looks great, especially the sink. Very cool. What are you doing for the countertops? Love the idea of the compost container. Wish I'd thought of that.

erbeck family said...

Roberta! your kitchen looks awesome!
you are going to be stoked cooking dead animals in there!