Monday, July 1, 2013

The Bounty of Nature

While we are still reveling in the glory that is my natural deodorant (can I mention that not one but TWO people want to try it out), let's take a minute and revel in some of nature's other bounties.

The biggest egg in the world from the skagit river ranch

Produced two yolks (two of the eggs in the dozen were this size and double yolked)!  Those are some extra productive chickens. The eggs were so big that the carton came rubber banded shut because it wouldn't stay closed otherwise! Why do people buy eggs from the grocery store?

I don't know if the picture fully captures it, but this blueberry bush is amazing. it belongs to a neighbor and every year it produces the most insane number of huge blackberries. Yes, that is one huge bush. I didn't even know the bushes could get so big (all my blueberry bushes die).

I too am producing bounty. This is my garden. With lots of sun, things are growing like crazy this year! (Don't judge the scraggly chard in the front, I think it's been too sunny for it.)

I have been eating kale out of my garden every day for weeks and I can't keep up with it.

And the broccoli just started up! It's extra tasty (tastier than it looks).

And everyone please note, how pretty everything is when photographed on my counter!  Whoop!

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Anonymous said...

Wow! The garden is looking great! Congrats on the broccoli. I've never had much luck with it before it goes to seed. What's your neighbor's secret to blueberries? I'm about to give up...