Saturday, June 22, 2013

Going back go my roots.

1983. That was the year I first dyed my hair. It was my freshman year in college. Over Christmas break I bleached it a bit, so it was essentially my normal color, but a little lighter. And no one noticed (but me and my freshman roommate).  I'm not sure what happened between 1983 and 1993, but then in 1993 the hair dying started in earnest. I went red (well really orange), and was orange for years. In fact, at some point I began to think of myself as a red head (still do).

Hair dye party at Megans - my sister and me! (No, I did not get her permission to use this terrible picture!)
My sister and me with orange hair (Portland marathon). Suzanne's hair flowing/glowing in the wind.
In the 20 intervening years my hair has been red, blond streaked, dark brownish/reddish and everything in between. I'm pretty sure at this point, I no longer have any idea my real hair color. And, of course, my current hair color is so different than it was then (so much grey).

Long and streaked. This was a good phase.
Well, a couple months ago I decided it was time to stop dying my hair. Well, what I really decided was that even though I really like it dark, as it's been for the last year or so, I hate the roots. And, it's so dark that two weeks after every hair dye my roots just start glow. The grey is so light and the brown so dark, that I feel like everyone is staring at my roots. I began to think of myself as one of those unfortunate old ladies with really bad hair dye job and really crazy grey/white roots.

So, I'm growing it out. My hair dresser has a plan to make it a little less painful, but I'm guessing in a couple months it will be pretty clear something is going on. The real question is what I'll think when all this is done. Will I be one of those women to looks beautiful and glamorous with grey hair?  Or will I be one of those who looks old and haggard with grey? Will I like it?  or will I immediately slap some dye back on? Every time I see a woman with grey hair I stare at her, wondering it she looks anything like I will look with grey hair. (Women in this city with grey hair are probably beginning thinking, why is that creepy woman with really bad roots staring at me?)

Feel free to let me know what you think - though wait until the process is complete as I'm pretty sure we are heading into some rough patches. In the meantime, I may have to go buy some hats!

So, this is an attempt to show the current situation.
That's the real me!


james said...

From your other blog's I think I know how much you hate to throw things away. That being said, I will be sad if you start looking at Otto funny just to use the dye up.

Anonymous said...

The '90's -- I'm not ashamed.
We come from a line of women with beautiful white hair, but I suspect the grey in-between decades are a little rough... give it a go!