Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Happy Birthday! (This is not a blog about my kitchen!)

My baby is a teenager! Thirteen years ago this month Daisy was born. And twelve years + 10 months ago, I decided I needed a cat. Actually, I really wanted a dog. Okay, let's step back, I probably didn't want either a dog or a cat, but I felt a yearning for something. That yearning translated in my brain to 'I should get another dog'. At the time I owned the insane beast Clayton. And very fortunately, wisdom prevailed and I realized that Clayton plus another dog would be hell. So instead I decided cat and in August 2000 I brought two month old daisy home from PAWS.

At two months, Daisy was the cutest thing you've ever seen. She fit in the palm of my hand and I wished I could not feed her so she would stay cute and perfect. (Fortunately, wisdom prevailed there as well and Daisy gets fed twice a day.)

Unfortunately, Clayton was not into the 'let's get a cat' plan. He was SO JEALOUS. For years Daisy wasn't allowed anywhere near me. But Daisy was brave. When 90 pound Clayton messed with her, she merely hissed and batted him on the nose. Little 2 pound Daisy refused to run for the hills (hide under the bed for months) and stood her ground. Eventually them came to a truce. And then Otto came along and Daisy fell in love.

And over the years Daisy has been the perfect cat for a non cat lover. She's independent. She cuddles, but not obnoxiously. She just likes to hang out. When Otto goes outside she rushes out to stand beside him. When I go garden, she hangs out in the vicinity. She handles staying in the house by herself when I go on trips. She has gone to the vet maybe twice in her life. She's kind of awesome.

I wish I had a picture of her as a tiny kitten. She was so cute, instead, I'll leave you with a few photos from the last few years. Happy birthday Daisy!!

Daisy loves to be exactly where her brother is and if it's in the sunshine, even better!

When she's on the bed Otto always gets all mopey. Very occasionally he'll lie on the bed when she's on it, it's extra cute.

This was the cutest thing ever. You can't really tell, but Otto had a cone on his head and was extra miserable. Daisy kept sticking her head in the cone to check up on him.

Daisy is kind of the ignored member of the family, but every once in a while she gets to play (stick w/ feather attached is her favorite toy).

Psychedelic Daisy.

Lean sultry Daisy!

I used the word cute excessively in this blog, I apologize.

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Anonymous said...

Well, I was hoping for a kitchen blog, but I loved the Daisy blog. Happy birthday, Daisy, from your grandmother! Daisy and Otto together are such a great pair. Love, Mom