Saturday, May 25, 2013


This is mostly a stress relief blog. 6 days of no kitchen. Lots of dust. Not being able to find anything. And mess mess mess is wearing me a little ragged. I actually read something this week that one of the key stressors is mess and clutter. And believe me. I have it coming out my ears at the moment. I know this will be great when I'm done. But that's not helping with the present. Of particular concern this very minute is lack of tea. My oven/stove is supposed to be useable but there is no gas coming out. Leaving me tealess. Yes there are people with real problems. My not drinking tea right at this very minute is not a real problem. Well not for anyone but me!

Anyhow a few pictures to brighten up your weekend.

Ps. I'm typing this blog on the iPad blogger app (my computer is god knows where). And the app sucks. So I can't really label the pictures. Or maybe I could if I were smarter. The first two are day four. It looked for all the world like nothing happened that day but I was told it was very productive. The next two are the current, sink and dishwasher hole. And finally. Poor daisy who has had much more stress than anyone this week with big scary men intruding on her house daily! And the last one is daisy showing her new white stripes. I guess she found some dust.

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erbeck family said...

mess and clutter makes me nuts! ask my kids who constantly have to hear my ranting. also, i have an electric tea kettle than i am happy to lend you during this time!