Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Urban Adventure, A Story in Pictures

My current kitchen remodel obsession is paint!  This has been an obsession for less than 24 hours, which is when I found out that the paint decision needed to be made yesterdayish. Now, in the past, all my major paint jobs were supported by the Color Store. This was always on Capitol Hill, but it turns out it moved 5 or so years ago to the base of Beacon Hill. This is not only extra convenient, but it's in an industrial area of the city and a great starting point for an urban adventure.

The trip started out exciting and stayed that way!  Primal Pacs!!!  Primal Pacs are an extra tasty paleo treat made by someone who works out at my gym. And it turns out they are located in the same development as the Color Store!  Who knew?

Otto was very excited, he loves Primal Pacs.

After picking up way too many paint chips, we headed out on our adventure. 

Heading up the stairs to the over pass. Holgate is an extra long hill/overpass that heads over the freeway and up to Beacon Hill. Again, notice the Otto excitement!

We walked over the freeway!!

We saw brave bicyclists. (I have ridden up this hill, it's hard work!!)

 And a slower brave bicyclist - in very shiny clothes.

We walked right on by this sign (we are as brave as the bicyclists)!

The no trespassing sign led to a a trail that I thought led to the super ghetto Beacon Hill dog park. And it turned out it did. Unfortunately, this particular entrance to the park was locked and bolted. BUT, it was an urban adventure, so what did we do????  Well, we scaled the fence of course. Otto had lots of help from me. It's a shame I was unable to take a picture and deposit Otto over the fence into the park at the same time.

The Beacon Hill dog park has always been super sketchy. It's right next to the freeway and it is frequented by non dog owners that you might not want to meet  alone on a dark street. This keeps out the dog owners. This was rush hour at the dog park!

We saw lots and lots of pretty trees, not bad for the depths of the city!

And finally, despite the temptation, we did not camp, because, you know, it was against the law!

And now I must go pour over paint chips!

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Lynel Gullidge said...

Thanks for sharing your adventure! II got to see parts of Seattle..I miss the city...Always, Lynel Schack Gullidge