Thursday, May 23, 2013

Moving forward (slowly)

This blog will probably interest no one but my mom, so the rest of you can just carry on! A few pictures from the kitchen in progress.

We have now had 3 days of in house work and here's a run down.

Day 1. Nothing happened. I rushed home from work all excited to find everything exactly as I left it!  My contractor had gone out of town the previous week and gotten a little behind!

Day 2. Little happened. The crew arrived at 5pm right when I got home from work. Unloaded some things and did a little demo!

Day 2 cabinet covers off.

This will be the home of my new refrigerator and pantry (very excited about my pantry),
Day 3. Finally some sustenance!  Unfortunately, it also involved an insane amount of dirt, but I guess that happens.

Future door, now hole in the wall. It's so nice to be able to move from the kitchen to the back room! Notice the new refrigerator in the background! (It makes weird noises!)

 More cabinets!

 Nasty old sink be gone!!

And finally, ahhh. Daisy and Otto have moved up. They are now dining in the dining room rather than eating in the kitchen! I'm sure the table is next.


Anonymous said...

Well, as the mom heretofore mentioned, I think this is great!! I am so excited to see a new kitchen evolve. Go, Roberta!! and Otto and Daisy, you are moving on up! Love, Mom

erbeck family said...

looks good roberta!