Saturday, April 3, 2010

My Goal for the Weekend

Pile O' Crap

I'm not sure if it is a universal failing of human kind or simply a failure in me, but I have a tendency not to see things if they have been sitting around in my life - house, desk at work, yard, etc - for long periods of time. These could be things that are no where near any permanent resting place they should have, but when they sit for too long, in my mind they are home. So I was sitting at my desk this morning and noticed the pile (see picture). This pile has been sitting ON my desk IN the kitchen since the construction guys left last August. They include the thingies that go around my lights in the 'new' back room, the light bulbs that are special and meant for those lights, the light switch covers I took off when I started finishing the back room, the handles for the windows, batteries that I can't throw in the garbage so I need to take somewhere (already taped at the ends and ready to go), some weird incense thing I got for Christmas, and a few random pieces of crap. Most of these things were/are waiting for me to finish the finish work on the porch so they can go home.

Well, I decided that by the end of the weekend, they are all going home! Stay tuned for the follow up picture.

(By the way, that's the picture of the right side of the desk, the left side of the desk has some (more recent) unresolved issues as well maybe we'll get to that too!)

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