Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pile O' Crap Be Gone!

Pas de pile.

Okay, here we are a mere 7 hours after my last blog. I have lifted 154 pounds 45 times, pushed 60 pounds over my head 75 times, slammed a 20 pound ball into the ground 105 times, grocery shopped at two stores, pet food shopped, walked the dog, watched a movie, cleaned clothes, washed dishes, taken a nap, played multiple games of Word Warp, AND cleaned the pile of crap off the table. And no, I did not just move the crap to a new non home. I put it all where it belongs. The stupid white rings that won't stay up are tenuously attached to the light fixtures, the covers are on the sockets, there are new lights in the bulbs and handles on the windows.

Phew, that must be enough for one day!

Oh, wait, and let's not forget, that's TWO (yes two) blogs in one day!

Oh, Oh, batteries recycled too!!!

Stupid cheap (but too expensive) white pieces of plastic
that are poorly designed and won't stay in place BUT are no longer on my desk!

Socket covers and windows with handles!