Monday, April 5, 2010

Jumpsuit VII, 2010

Okay, the photos you all have been dying for! Jumpsuit 2010 happened on Saturday and a fine time was had by all. Good jumpsuits, good music, good company, how could you go wrong. I'm including photos of my favorite male and female jumpsuits, by coincidence, my favorite male jumpsuiter made the blog a few weeks ago. He was wearing the red jumpsuit in year 5 and his friend was wearing the Mickey Mouse jumpsuit! How 'bout them apples.

Green jumpsuit, green peeps, green glasses!
I'm sure you're green with envy.

Baby's got back.

These are the boys from year 5. I love that one on the right!
(the jumpsuit not the boy)

The best part about this jumpsuit was the roses up the legs. Yes, white Lycra.

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tracy said...

oh dear god. i'm speechless (the white jumpsuit)