Thursday, April 15, 2010

A New Toy

My crossfit coach got a new toy. It's something he has been excited and talking about gleefully for a long time. And if Craig is gleeful about something it's probably time to be scared. It's a sled and we get to pull it - like a dog or a horse. Basically it's a piece of metal with a metal rod attached to it. You load weights on the sled (piece of metal) and run (walk slowly) up and down the street pulling it.

For a visual go here......

As you're visualizing this, keep in mind that, my crossfit gym is in a fairly busy location. It's on a side street, but in the evening there are cars and people and cyclists - lots of them. And when one is lugging large weights up and down the street it draws some attention. Not to mention that fact that you're in the middle of the street and cars are slowing down and going around you.

So, tonight's workout was a 200 m sled pull (40k for the ladies, 90 pounds), followed by 15 weighted sit ups, followed by a 500 m row. OMG, OMG, OMG. I think that's really all you can say about it. I ate too much before I worked out and was a little worried about throwing up most of the time. The sled pull SUCKS! It starts out okay. Our street has a bit of a down hill tilt when you head north. So for the first 100 meters you lull yourself into believing that maybe this round is easier than the last. Then you turn around and try to pull the weight forward and your body is jerked to a complete stop by the 90 pounds of weight that you are now trying to pull UPHILL! By the time you get to the row, all you're really wondering is 'why?'.

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