Saturday, January 23, 2010

Things seem to be out of order.

The theme for today seems to be things hanging out where they don't belong. First, I make breakfast, whipping up my normal kale and egg feast. The kale seems a little dirtier than usual. And there was one leaf that was very dirty and very holey. I didn't think too much about it, but when I was putting the bag away, I saw the visitor.......

Free escargot for breakfast.

Then, I'm pruning my hedge (yes the hedge and I still have a weekly date - I finished the entire side of the house and I'm turning the corner to the back yard) and I noticed a huge piece of cement hanging out in the hedge????? The question is, how the heck did a huge piece of cement get into my hedge? It made me think of the meteor that just fell out of the sky and landed in a doctor's office in virginia. Except, why would a piece of cement fall from the sky?

The top picture is to give an idea of size, the bottom location.
The question, why? or how?

Anyhow, let's hope, for the rest of the day, everything stays in it's proper place.

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