Saturday, January 9, 2010

Project Hedge, part 2

Okay, I have had a request for a new posting, because someone is not so happy with my last posting's picture. This new blog may not be so interesting to most of you. In fact, it may not be very interesting to anyone but me (and maybe my mother). So feel free to skim or ignore entirely. I do have a better blog planned for tomorrow, so tune in again next week.

Project Hedge has now had three episodes. Some how Seattle has given us three weekends in January with at least one day of no rain and no freezing temperatures. Today, in fact, it was about 55 and sunny for a while (now it's 55 and cloudy). So there have been no excuses to get me out of Project Hedge. One nice thing about this particular project is that it's really just a short sit com. I can only go until I fill up the yard waste bin and that seems to take about an hour. So it's short and intense then DONE for a week.

Here are some stats. I have trimmed 33 feet of hedge. That's length wise, it's probably 5 feet wide which is 165 square feet of hedge!!!! Holla! (That's my new trendy phrase). Much like a good reality tv show, it seems to be getting harder as I go along. The hedge is getting progressively thicker (thicker branches) as well as wider as I move along the hedge. I actually am not sure how I'm going to do the back of the house, as the hedge gets very significant back there.

More stats. I have 71 feet to go. Yes, my hedge seems to be 104 feet long. That's a lot of hedge. Averaging 11 feet per episode that's 6.5 more episodes in the series (how exciting for all of you). Maybe I'll be done by my birthday? Ooh, something to shoot for.

More fun facts. For some reason Otto, who loves to be out in the back yard during the summer, hates the back yard during the winter. He spends the entire episode standing by the back gate whining and when I let him out he goes and sits in the front of the house. Hmph. And the work I had done on my house has been very helpful in this endeavor. Matt put an outlet outside so I can plug in the 'hedgehog' (that's the name on the box kids) and go! Also, the new storage area can hold everything - hedgehog, ladder, etc - making set up a snap!

Anyhoo, that's that. Just a little 'pat myself on the back'. Time for an episode of Project Nap. Again, tune in tomorrow, I have a doozy planned.

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