Friday, January 1, 2010


365 days later we have once again reached my very favorite day of the year. The day when you can leave all the bad negative vibes in the past and dream of how perfect everything will be.

Perhaps this year I will be happier and say goodbye to moodiness, be more patient and tolerant, more loved and loving, friendlier, more managerial at work, be a better friend, sister, daughter, maybe I will eat less chocolate and more veggies, eat only happy animals, lose 5 pounds, not watch the new season of The Bachelor, stop watching LA Ink, read more of my New Yorkers, read the books piled in my living room, organize my basement (a task planned since 2005 when I moved in), prune my entire hedge and not just a small chunk, landscape my back yard, finish the finish work in my house, paint my window sills, pay off my home equity loan, do a muscle up, run faster, learn to clean without bending my arms (the weight lifting clean not the house cleaning clean), learn to jump when I snatch heavy weight (and push jerk and clean), organize my closets and cupboards, put away my garbage can after garbage day, throw away bottles that are essentially empty rather than keeping them to use the last drop, clean my house ALL THE WAY every week, vacuum more, put up art, spend less money on crap, give more money to charity, volunteer my time, or at the very least spend less time staring at the internet doing absolutely nothing, find some new music, blog more, be more adventurous and in general just be the perfect person. Of course, most likely I will just be me!

Have a perfect 2010.

Love, Roberta, Otto and Daisy

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