Monday, January 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Dad

Self portrait. I seem to be developing his eyebrows.

Today 1/11/10 would have been my dad's 72nd birthday. That's probably not as exciting as his birthday next year (1/11/11!), but worth recognizing. My dad had three loves (well, three non human loves) golf (scratch golfer), reading (voracious might not quite describe it), and photography. He was a great, though a bit quirky photographer. I thought in honor of his birthday I'd share a few of his photos. It's really hard to chose just a few, but here goes.

Oh, and for all you photographers out there, my dad developed his photos really dark. The scanner lightened them up a good bit. He might have been disappointed.

There was a long 'chair in the corner of the room' series. We all posed.

Smiling was greatly discouraged in all photographs.

This whole series involved an extra long exposure time (60 seconds or so). I must have been very adapt at bubble blowing. Also, note the objects on the table and in the lower right. These evolved (ie died) as the series went on. I know at least one of the items in the lower right was a cantaloupe that slowly withered and wrinkled.

On the back this one reads 'susanne was 3' written by someone who
was probably not much more than 3 and maybe didn't know her name had a z in it?

On the back this one reads 'bee with flower, non living'.

On the back of this one, 'Weed with Dog, Living'

I love this one.


Jen said...

ooooh more pictures, please. they are lovely. much love to you, and to your dad. 72, wow.


Jen said...

and voracious definitely does NOT describe your dad's reading habits. i am a voracious reader and i don't come close to him. i just remember stacks and stacks and stacks of books, everywhere. xoxo

tracy said...

this was a great tribute to your pops 'berta. we all miss him. it used to be my goal at the many calrson dinner events to get your dad to laugh heartily. it never worked for me (i'm not that funny), but i felt victorious when i'd get a chuckle.

Anonymous said...


OMG, who wrote my name "susanne"? And how cute am I (okay, you too)?

Who made the caramel frosting cake this year? I'll take mine with java chip.