Thursday, January 8, 2009

Serenity then a hurricane

I just got back from a nice relaxing vacation. I was ready for my vacation. Somewhere this fall I acquired a couple extra jobs. That combined with no time off for any holiday plus no real holiday celebration left me pretty grouchy and tired of working by January 1. So I took a week off, relaxed with the family, and didn't think about work until a couple times yesterday when I started thinking 'ugh, I have to go to work tomorrow'.

This morning started out okay. I slowly began to slog through my 100s of new emails, annoyed only by the fact that I couldn't reply to any emails because me inbox was so full of crap that I wasn't allowed to send any new emails until I deleted my way below a certain email size.

Unfortunately, that was merely the lull before the storm which hit around 9am. In one department, major infighting amongst employees combined with long frequent breaks in very conspicuous locations = major headaches. In another department, the one that has a ton to do between now and year end (2/1), one of my employees got appendicitis and is out for two weeks (meaning I will spend two weeks doing her very full time job). Fortunately no major crisis in the third job, just a weeks worth of work.

I was just about on my way out the door for a self imposed permanent vacation, when I finally decided I just had to ignore the forest and just concentrate on each tree in my path. But I tell you, right now all I can think of is vacation? What vacation? Oh that and 'ugh I have to go to work tomorrow'.

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