Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cleaning house

So, I have not yet pulled out of my funk ,but yesterday I was mentioning to my sister that I needed some new blog topics. Her response was that it didn't matter what I blogged about. In fact it doesn't matter that most of my blogs are about nothing. She says it fits my theme - A Day in the Life. She said that much like Seinfeld, my blogs are about nothing and that's the point.

So, we'll go back to blogging about nothing......

Or in this case house cleaning. Could there be anything else more tedious or more relentless. Over and over and over again, it's the exact same scenario. Every week, at least once a week my dining room table taken over by mail and clothes that I wear to work put in my bike bag and don't quite put away when I put the new set of clothes in the following day. Pet hair invades my house at an astonishing rate. Cold weather coats, gloves, and shoes that get worn for dog walking and running never seem to make it to their real home, and when they they do, I can't find them. The clothes that I clean then hang up to dry and forget to put away (there are some of those i the pictures for my house appraisal, so embarrassing). Then there is the kitchen. How is one to keep up there? I will wash all the dishes and get the kitchen ship shape before I go to bed. Then the following morning I make breakfast and prepare lunch for the day and it's a mess again.

And those are the things that actually get cleaned on a regular basis. Even worse are the things that never quite get put away. The mail that I need to deal with at some point in the future. The paperwork that needs to be filed. The stuff that I don't want to get rid of but never quite finds its true home. The 'whatever' that has been sitting some place it doesn't belong for so long, that I don't even see it any more.

Now, there are people, perhaps some of you reading this, who just can't understand this blog. There are people that don't seem to have stuff with no home. There are people who manage to get their clothes, clean and dirty, exactly where they belong at all times. There are houses you walk into whenever, that are always neat and tidy. Houses in which that extra deep cleaning takes place in a timely manner. And those people just think people like me are lazy. But I don't know if it's lazy. For me it's almost a block. I will start a cleaning project with great intentions, and so quickly be distracted by something else (internet?, dog walk? pull ups?) Or I will assure myself that sunday, not saturday, is truly the better day for cleaning. And in the end, no matter what my intentions, the state of my house will improve, but perhaps not get 100% clean.

And really, you can't call me lazy. I hauled my ass out in 30 degree weather the last couple weeks and ran down to the track to run sprints. And even if I am lazy sometimes, I am 100% sure that everyone needs some time every week in which they are doing absolutely nothing.

Anyway, it's time to clean the house once again, and I have so little interest. Oh wait, the dog is whining for a walk.

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