Friday, January 30, 2009


Sometimes, even in the very bleakest, coldest, windiest days of winter, something unexpected will happen that brings a smile to one's face. Sometimes it can be the littlest, most mundane thing and it will make your whole day.

On Wednesday I was shopping at PCC and remembered that I needed flax oil. The PCC flax oil was $27 for 24 oz, this is normal, but I remembered that Madison Market had the little bottles on sale this month. So I decided that I would hold off and make it to Madison Market by 2/1,

So today, after and alternately very stressful and monotonously tedious week of work, I decided to celebrate the start to my weekend with a trip by Madison Market for flax oil. Imagine my excitement to find out that Madison Market not only had the 16oz flax oil on sale, but they had put the 24 oz on sale as well - for $7 off list price! And, not only that, but there was a coupon, so I bought two and GOT AN ADDITIONAL $5 OFF. If you're not keeping track, that is $17.50 be bottle or $9.50 off. You can't buy flax oil at that price these days.

Lordy lordy lordy. I was singing the whole way home and scarcely noticed the freezing cold, huge amounts of traffic honking at me, and the gale force winds.

I wonder how long this blissness will last?

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