Sunday, May 13, 2012

Things I don't Understand, Part 1

Well, it being mother's day and all, I should probably wax poetically about my mother and how great she is. But it seems I did an amazing job of that that last year (Mother's day ). So, we'll ride out that one for a while longer and start a new series, Things I Don't Understand!

The first thing I'd like to talk about is texting while driving. This is not smart people! Now I'm not unreasonable, talking while driving is stupid, BUT I can understand why one might try it. You're actually looking at the road and can probably convince yourself that you might be paying a bit of attention. But texting? No, you're looking at your phone and using your hands and can't possibly think you've got anything left for driving.

 I feel like I'm seeing this more and more lately. For example, the other day I was driving down the street minding my own business, when I noticed the car in front of me with shifting back and forth between 15mph and 25. In addition, the tail lights kept blinking on and off, on and off, almost like the hazards were on. When it started drifting in and out of the lane, I decided I needed to get the hell away. As I passed, sure enough, some idiot texting. And not even a teenage idiot, but a 40 something SUV driving mom!

 Actually, funny story, the other day I saw a woman talking very animatedly on her phone with one hand (I know, it's not texting, but it was classic) and smoking a cigarette with her other (she had the cigarette hand hanging out the window).  Somehow she had a third hand in there to move the steering wheel. And the funny part was, when she paused at a stop sign and saw me and Otto staring at her, she took a break from all the above and chatted with me about what a beautiful dog I had and what kind it was. Mind you it was on 23rd in rush hour. I can't imagine there was any actual brain space left for driving.  I was happy when she 'drove' away, leaving me and Otto intact. 

Anyhow, that's my rant for the day. I'll leave you with a bonus 'thing I don't understand'. This one is called, where the hell is the music coming from (no, it's not in my head).  All weekend long - morning, afternoon and evening - there has been intermittent, very loud mexican music coming from somewhere down the hill. Occasionally, this music is accompanied by whoops and whoos (partying sounds). Last night I decided I had to explore and did a loop around the greenspace (it sounds like the music is coming from inside the greenspace).  Here's the scary part, NOTHING!  As soon as I left my house, no music. Down closer to Rainier, no music. All the way around the greenspace, no music. Even if it was coming from the lake or something, you'd think it would get louder the closer I got, but no, I only hear it in the house.  I've tried talking to the little green men about it, but they're no help!      

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