Saturday, May 19, 2012

Things I don't Understand, Part 2 + Bonus Otto Story

I saw this the other day and I think it definitely qualifies as something that makes NO sense to me. First will start with a couple things that are weird, but at least I can explain.

Mustaches are trendy!
 So, this I don't really get, but with the whole Movember rage, ironic mustaches mustaches do seem to be very trendy these days. Plus, it might be fun to put the band aid your finger or lip and pretend to you have a mustache. I wouldn't find that fun, but I can understand why others may try to have fun in this manner.

Spreading love.
This I get. Who wouldn't want their band aid to express that someone loves and is taking care of them?  I'm sure this would help with the healing !

But this?????
This I do NOT understand. Why would anyone EVER for any reason make or buy macaroni and cheese bandages?  Why would you even think of this?

Bonus, Otto Story.

So last Saturday I let Otto out in the back yard, expecting him to take a nap in the sun as he always does. I was surprised when, about 15 minutes later, I found him standing at the front door asking to come in!  I know he can jump the fence, but it's been probably 5 years since he's done this. I stepped outside and my neighbor said Otto was carrying something in his mouth and looked like he had done something wrong. My neighbor said he left the thing in the  yard.  I looked in the yard and couldn't find anything. Otto spent the day acting like a dog who had eaten way too much of something he shouldn't have. But the next day all was fine and we went about our business.

Until yesterday (a full week later). Friday morning, Otto walked out of the house and  walked straight to the sage bush in front of the house and started digging. Moments later he's holding a large (5inch x 5 inch) piece of stinky raw meat in his mouth!!! It seems he'd buried it there the week before. OMG and YUCK!

Questions that come up here.
  1. Where the hell was he that he found so much food, enough food that he was too full to eat a huge piece of raw meat?
  2. What happened Friday morning?  Did he wake up and suddenly think, oh, yeah, I need to eat that meat? 
Not one of Otto's finer moments!

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