Sunday, May 6, 2012

Sunday, fun day

Whoo, a busy day, shared in pictures, to bring picture month to a close!

Fortunately, Otto and Daisy piled on the bed promptly at 6.20, to make sure I would be bright eyed and bushy tailed for all my adventures.
Good morning!
The first scheduled event was a play date for Otto!  But, before that we had to rush off to the farmer's market, as there was meat to buy, lots of meat. Turns out that if you get to the farmer's market before 10, you wait. The vendors stand there saying things like '5 minutes' and the customers stand there waiting, until it's 10.   

Meat that I bought at 10:01.

I'll throw in some gratuitous flower shots from the farmer's market, not because they move the story along, but because they were so pretty!! Plus, I had to do something while I was waiting for the clock to strike 10!   

How does anything this beautiful exist?

Lilacs, my number one favorite flower!
Anyhow, moving along, because we had to, snap...snap...snap. There was a lot to do. A quick trip to the grocery store then Otto and I had a play date with Stella. Fortunately, all of Stella's family came along for the ride as well. Stella is one of Otto's very best buddies, though it seems he has completely forgotten how to play.
Squirrelly dogs in a car.
Sylvie and Otto

This is about as excited as Otto gets on a play date.

Otto, play with me! PLEASE!

During the walk we ran into Bingo, on the left, who seems to be Otto's twin. Clearly, Otto was very excited.
Next it was home for a nap before I flew off to Ballard for some toe nail beautification.
I was talked out of black polish in favor of orangy pink craziness.
And finally, after our feet were all relaxed and our toes all beautiful, time for drinks with some amazing ladies! 

Artsy bar shot

Mmmmm, fizzy goodness.

Whoo. All this and it was sunny and 65 here in Seattle!  Perfect fun weekend day. After a day like today, how is it possible I will be at work tomorrow. I think it's time for summer vacation! 

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tracy said...

so impossible to work on monday, at sunny and 72! so i didn't, and went mountain biking, and trashed my newly painted toes. oh well.