Monday, May 28, 2012

My week, randomly.

My week was CRAZY!  Crazy good. Crazy bad. Just crazy and busy all all around. I was going non stop from Monday morning through sometime Sunday afternoon! I don't have a complete photo montage, but I did take some random photos and I thought I'd just share a very ATYPICAL week in the life.......  (me being me, I mostly took pictures of the animals I came across).

Seattle is getting a ferris wheel. It's likely just to turn the waterfront into more of a tourist nightmare than it already is, but maybe a local or two will make it down.  

We had a visitor this weekend. He pooped a lot, wasn't very happy, and, after waking me from my nap, didn't stay long.

Horses, that's right!  I hung out with horses. This is Savannah.She was more interested in eating than helping us with our leadership training exercises. And who can blame her!!!

Sun. He was a bit of rascal. Actually, he was a total teenager. 

Itchy butt.

Extra cute puppy sleeping in the rain.

Inside or out, Daisy likes to sleep on my laundry whenever the opportunity presents itself. Typically, she likes white shirts, but if the options are black or gray she'll go where she can have the most impact.   

And best of all, True turned 6 this week!  Happy birthday True!!!!

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