Sunday, June 3, 2012

Some might call it garbage.......

I haven't eaten a lot of roast beef in my life. Well, it's possible I ate large quantities as a child, but there has been very little roast beef in my adult life. Since the late 80s when I hopped on the vegetarian band wagon, it's possible I've only eaten roast beef twice.  But a couple months ago, with the new crock pot screaming my name, I decided it was time to roast a little beef.  I scooped some up next time I hit the farmer's market, then of course, it sat in my freezer looking large, unmanageable, and intimidating.

Until today. I woke up on a mission to roast a beef.  I googled 'roast beef paleo crockpot' and the very first hit was for a smokey roast. The recipe was super easy. And I had all the ingredients except one.  Win, win, except for one small issue....... The missing ingredient was coffee grounds. Now, I realize, the city of Seattle is probably drowning in coffee grounds on sunday morning, but all those coffee grounds were doing me no good.  Perhaps I should hit up the local Starbucks ask for their garbage?  Finally, I settled on searching out a coffee drinking friend. After a couple texts I found someone who had JUST made coffee.  He was on his way out, but agreed to leave the grounds on the porch.

A half hour or so later I was mixing my friend's ex garbage with chocolate, cumin, chipotle spice, and garlic powder and rubbing it on my happy, grass fed, chuck roast! Six hours later, my smoky coffee infused roast was melting in my mouth. Holy goodness. My life needs to include more roast beef!

In other news. It seems you can buy hooch at the grocery store now. This may be of of no relevance or surprise to those who don't live in Seattle, but it's very strange for us Seattelites who have always had to go to a liquor store when we want to expand our drinking from beer and wine.

Maker's Mark at Trader Joes?  Crazy!!


tracy said...

i'd love you roast recipe! although it sounds maybe too delicious for my kids....they rally against flavor.
and you can get coffee grounds in copious amounts at our house. anytime.

Anonymous said...

Yes! Please post the recipe! And can we please get a gardening update? Please???

james said...

The last of the snow is gone the flowers are up and thoughts of garden party are on our minds. Coffee and meat in the same dish over some long grain rice and gin to wash it down PLEASE post the recipe.