Thursday, April 12, 2012

The Sprained Ankle

Why yes, it is extremely painful to sit with your foot in a bucket of ice water. 
Yesterday I was out for a walk. Yes, I was in the woods and I was walking down some stairs, but I was looking at my feet, fully focused on what I was doing. The next thing I know my ankle twisted and I heard/felt some nasty crunching followed by sharp pain. Sprained ankles suck. And are SO STUPID!

This was the first attempt of a picture. Daisy needed to be fed first.

Cankle with color.


Anonymous said...

Ouch! I prefer to think you injured it rescuing a litter of puppies from a burning house. Regardless, hope it heals-up quickly for you!

heather v keeling said...

oh no! that looks bad! hope you feel better soon!