Saturday, April 21, 2012

Facebook saved my ankle.


A day or two after I sprained my ankle, as it was huge and turning a lovely color of purple, I posted this picture of it on my facebook page. I know some of you probably hate facebook and one of the reasons you hate it is that idiots like me post pictures of gnarly looking wounds. However, the picture saved my life.  (Or at least my ankle.) Soon after the post, a friend who is a physical therapist said "get some kinesiotape on that thing!" I had never even heard of kinesiotape. It turns out it's this stretchy tape that you put on wounds (not open wounds, internal wounds) and it miraculously makes them better! Yes, miracle tape.

After I got her note, I rushed around downtown looking for tape. I could only find this crazy Phiten place. They make their own tape. They were very nice and stuck a sample of their tape on my ankle so I could try it out. I left that tape on about 24 hours while I went out and got some KT tape. What happened in that 24 hours?  The swelling went way down and the color started to dissipate in the areas under the tape. The next day I watched a nice youtube video describing how to wrap KT tape around my messed up ankle and I've been wearing it ever since.

It's amazing. Within days both the swelling and the color disappeared from my ankle. Plus, it provides support as it's healing. And, according to my pt lifesaver friend, the reduction in inflammation stops a severe histochemical impact on the healthy tissues of the ankle.

Who knew!   

After, notice the glow!
Cankle free zone! Just beautiful skinny ankles and a little tape residue.
(I got no money from the KT Tape or the Phiten people to write this blog. But if they want to hook me up, I can be bribed!)

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