Sunday, April 8, 2012

Bloggers Block

I can't blog. I can't think of anything to say. I spent yesterday creating a blog, then decided I'd already blogged that topic to death. I just spent the last half an hour trying to make another topic even remotely entertaining. But I just can't get the right spin.

What if it's over?  What if I've blogged everything I have to blog. What if I have posted enough cute Otto and Daisy pictures to last a lifetime. What if I don't have any more crazy happy home maker stories to tell you? What if this year's gardening adventure is just a repeat of the year before? What if I can no longer make my shopping experiences entertaining metaphors for life (or at least entertaining)? What if, in addition to turning insanely old in a couple weeks, my career as a celebrity blogger is finished?  What if my brain turns to soggy mush, without the creative outlet of writing a blog - leaving me a drooling mass of tv watching mush? What if the memory on my ipad becomes completely filled with Otto and Daisy pictures that are never seen by the world? What if Otto and Daisy stop being cute, knowing no one is looking or caring? What if, much like that tree falling in the forest, my life become completely void of meaning when there is no one there to hear me fall?

At the risk of using the lord's name in vain on this holy day, OHMYGOD, is this what life has come to?

Okay, deep breath. And a few pictures of hope to take us out, as we await a brighter vision of our future.

This was Otto this morning, resting up for a big day of sunbathing! (Yes, he got bitten. It was sad and dramatic (mostly the cone was dramatic) but he is healing)! (Note the fancy use of paranthesis.)


Double AHhhhh ahhhhhh.

Me, Otto, and Daisy on a happier day.
And finally, I will leave you with a vision of the future and hope.

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