Sunday, January 29, 2012

More food fun

Lovely Liver???

When I was a kid there were two food that I absolutely hated; liver and lima beans. A serving of either guaranteed a long painful dinner of tiny bites, lots of tears, serious bargaining and gags. Yes, I couldn't eat either of those food without gagging. My mom claims she didn't actually like liver and only made it because my dad liked it. But, I'm pretty sure the intent was pure (and very successful) torture! The thought of lima beans makes me sick to this day (do people still eat those things)?

So I was surprised when my favorite cook/blogger (the clothes make the girl) posted a recipe for chicken liver. I did a little googling and guess what, liver is hella good for you. With that knowledge and the fact I have loved every single recipe I've made by TCMTG, I decided, with great trepidation, it was worth a try. So, the following week at the farmer's market I scooped up a baggie (yes, it came in a baggie) of chicken livers and a week later I had gotten up the courage to try out the recipe.

Have you ever tried to cut liver?  It's crazy stuff. I'll just say this, handling the stuff does NOT make one more excited to eat it!

Anyhow, I did the coconut flour breading and fried it up and well..... hmmmm.... It was okay. And it was maybe a little bit more okay if I loaded it up with homemade mayo, but really I can't say I enjoyed it.  So, I ate a couple, gave a couple to the dog and then was trying to decide if I needed to choke down the rest so I wouldn't waste them, when I had a brilliant idea, PATE!!

Here's what I did, cooked 3 pieces of bacon in some ghee, added the liver - chopped up, cooked for a bit, added some parsley and red wine vinegar. I would have added some nutmeg, but I forgot. Then I threw it all in the blender.

And guess what??!!??  SO TASTY. Really, one of the best things I've eaten in a long time.

But really, liver? What the heck is next?   


Anonymous said...

Mmmmmm...bacon always makes things better!!

tracy said...

oh dude, you're in paleo deep now.