Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Well, I certainly would not be a true Seattleite if I didn't a. spend a lot of time worrying about the snow before it happened b. stress about traveling once it did happen and c. post cute pictures of the snow.......  Yes, we have had a bit of a snow adventure this week.

This was last night post Monday event and pre Wednesday event. That's a big snow ball!
Uhm, oops. I was walking and not on the bus, because clearly buses were not an option.
Otto is much happier about this adventure than Daisy.
Maybe I'll just go back in.
My mom sucks at playing.
See, cute snow picture!
These kids were trying to sled down McClellan, but the lids they were using woult not slide.
Sledding, kind of.
Extra Cute!

My neighbor's snowmen, a wooden sign under the one w/ the gun says 'give me all your ice'. Hmm.
Phew, I've done my duty!!!

And in other Seattle snow news. The Link Light Rail is MUCH too effective. I was one of about 2 people at work. Everyone else got a snow day!  

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