Saturday, January 14, 2012

Little Things

I know the saying is that it's the little things that make the difference. However, that is NOT the theme of  today's blog. Today's theme is 'why are the littlest things such a pain in the butt'!

This week I've been a bit distressed about the fact that I have a dead car battery that needs to be replaced (you didn't guess that was where I was going, huh?).  I don't fix cars. I don't like the challenge of fixing cars. Other people fix cars and i pay them. But with a dead battery you can't actually drive to get a car fixed, so it becomes more challenging.

So, first thing Saturday morning, I jumped right on the problem, so it wouldn't be weighting me down. I read a few internet articles and headed out to the car with my tools. First step, remove battery, was super easy. I loaded up the (other) car and headed off to the battery store. Other than the fact that I wasn't sure what kind of car I was buying a battery for, everything went smoothly. The store guy was extra nice and helpful. I made it home, loaded up the new battery, tightened it down.  And that's when it happened, as I was tightening down the final bolt, almost successfully completing the project I'd been dreading, all hell broke loose!!!

First, as I stood up, I somehow dropped my wrench and it disappeared in to the depths of the car. I couldn't see it. I couldn't feel it. I went inside to find my flashlight which lives in only one place in my house. And of course, that was NO WHERE to be found. So more time outside trying to find the wrench, crawling under the car (pouring rain, freezing cold mind you) and no wrench.

As I was working through the wrench issue, I began to notice that the parking lights - front and back - were steadily blinking on and off, on and off, on and off. So I gave up on the wrench and got in the car, pushing and pressing every button multiple times, reading the manual trying solve my new problem. I finally found a sticker near the battery advising that I need to use the remote control key (which I don't have) or push the Emergency Override Programming Button located under the dash board while the key is in the on position. So, back in the car, searching high and low for this button. NOTHING.  Google searching directed me toward two fuses and a button hanging from a wire.  Uhm, NO, those do not exist!!!!

Finally, desperate, I got in the car and drove to my favorite car repair place where a very nice mechanic went through the exact same steps as I had (though with a specific car repair internet search) to no avail.  We engaged another mechanic who said that only way to fix this, was to have the key in the car in the on position WHILE you attach the negative battery wire. (Uhm, what?  The instructions I read warn that you are risking electrocution and fiery death if you even think about looking at a battery while the key is in the ignition!!!) 

Anyhoo, it worked. In addition, they  had a flash light and a fancy tool with a magnet at the end to rescue my wrench.

2 hours later (.5 to change the damn battery and 1.5 to trouble shoot ridiculously small stupid unnecessary design flaw issues) problem solved. Did I mention freezing cold and raining..... Sigh!


Anonymous said...

Ah...but the point is, you took care of the problem! Things like this can drive you crazy, but you confronted it, solved it and life is good. You are todays hero!

heather v keeling said...

you deserve a few easy, effortless fixes after this one!

tracy said...

hey aaron next time!